Logo Design Los Angeles

I take design seriously with a little playfulness.

Depending on the project, whether its branding for a non-profit fundraiser, a mitzvah celebration or wedding, small business collateral materials or packaging, it is my goal to listen to the client, interpret what is in their head, then create the visual language to communicate that idea to the world.

With more than a quarter-century of experience, I am motivated to transform your project into a work of art. Together, we can create something truly beautiful.

Logo design.
I’m passionate about the process of designing unique logos and developing the collateral materials which establish a seamless brand identity. My goal is to set your business or event apart from the rest.

Invitations: Printed vs. Digital
For years, creating beautiful paper invitations has been the my forte. Many of my clients still love the tradition of a printed invitation – the tactile quality of heavy cotton card stock and the luxury of beautiful letterpress or foil printing, will always be sought after.

But as things have evolved, I realized that creating stunning digital invitations is sometimes the perfect choice. The digital option offers an ease of communication with your guests that only new technology can provide.

I will design original artwork for you, upload to a digital platform of your choice, then add music and links to create a beautiful and seamless online experience. And I will hold your hand along the way.

Branding your event.
Along with invitation design, I work with event planners or directly with clients to create numerous visuals for your event: swag, menus, place cards, napkins, signage, posters… anything you can dream of, I can design it.

Website design.
I work closely with King Creative Design to develop websites. Not only do we have a close working relationship but we are also sisters – and as siblings, we have an uncanny ability to communicate on many different levels.

If you would like to work together, please feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

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